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Transparency in your approach to risk

Recently, there has been much industry attention on how funds could take risks that investors were not expecting them to, given their purported strategy.

A very popular and high-profile fund management firm failed because the risks the fund manager was taking were not clear to key stakeholders and investors.

Although events like this are extremely rare, investors, distributors, advisers and institutional investors are interested to know that lessons have been learnt and risk management is at the top of every asset management group’s agenda.

With the Risk Intelligence star-rating system, we will be starting to publish the way that fund managers report and mitigate risk from an independent viewpoint.

Rather like independent accountants produce audited accounts for businesses to generate comfort for shareholders, Risk Intelligence offers a comparable service, providing intuitive ratings of the risks funds are taking that all stakeholders can understand.

Be proud & transparent with your clients

If you’d like to show the world your Risk Intelligence ratings, we have all the graphic imagery you require and all we ask for in return is a modest annual license fee for usage. For more information on licensing, please call our team on 0203 983 2595 or email them at: aj@deltatransactionservices.co.uk

Latest Fund Report (November, 2021)

This month, we analyzed risk in the IA Sector Mixed Investments 40-85%

Asim Javed, Director of Risk Intelligence, spots some interesting trends in the way that funds are exposing themselves to interest rate risk they might not have expected.

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