RISK Reporting


It is impossible to fly an aircraft without a clear dashboard providing key data to the pilot. We consider the provision of clear and comprehensive risk intelligence in the same way for investment managers. It would be illegal to fly a passenger aircraft without functioning instruments, yet many investment professionals manage customer money without fully understanding the risks they are taking. As the regulatory regime evolves, the provision of clear “Risk Intelligence” for managers will become mandatory. We specialise in quantitative risk, an inclusive operational model and delivery to stakeholders in a clear and concise manner which is tailored to our client requirements. Our service becomes an essential component within the investment process.

We provide a clear visual representation of how you’re managing key Investment Risks

Key stakeholders can take better informed decisions with the given risk information

Given such transparency, investment issues are extremely unlikely to manifest themselves

It’s up to you how you use our service:

Internal only: provide our independent reports to your risk department, fund managers, investment committee, senior management and iNEDs on each fund family board

Internally & Externally: Show our comprehensive, independent monthly reports to key external sources including your clients, the media and your ACD

The monthly independent reports that we provide are extremely valuable – both internally and externally – and build into an invaluable record and audit trail of the risks being taken by a fund and how they are managed & mitigated.


Each month, we produce a detailed report for every fund family or fund umbrella you subscribe to. It combines quant data and measurement, with expert analysis & comment from our highly experienced risk team.

View this 90 second video to see Director, Asim Javed demonstrate the Risk Intelligence service and show you how it can benefit your business.
The Risk Intelligence service explained…

Frequently Asked Questions

How we rate funds

Risk Intelligence imports a huge amount of data into its databases each month, which is then processed and analysed by our experts using our proprietary models to quantify: liquidity, credit, market and interest rate risk. We then use a weighted methodology to rate funds according to their exposure across different investment risks.

We have a selection criteria whereby we look at a sub set of the fund industry and consider fund candidates with a certain size for our monthly league tables.

We also offer a more comprehensive service where funds are individually rated, and detailed risk reports are produced.

What’s included in the risk reporting service?

12 x full risk reports per annum
4 x board meeting attendances annually with a Risk Intelligence representative

How do I sign up for the service?

It’s simple to onboard the Risk Intelligence service. All we need is the data from the primary source and authorisation to collect data on your fund’s behalf.

What does it cost?

Since our solutions are tailored, we are flexible with our services and can review fee structure in a consultation.

How much resource do I need to devote to onboard Risk Intelligence?

There is a small amount of work to onboard the service. We source raw data from third party sources and also from your fund administrator and transfer agent.

Once the initial setup is completed, we run a trial service for a month and require our client to fact check the input.

Once that work is complete, there are no ongoing resource requirements from your side.